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Melbourne’s most unique Design hotel experience

Arriving Summer 2017

A personal touch

A colourful vision

No detail was spared in the creation of this project of love and inspiration.

Fabrics, textiles, lighting, furniture, bed heads, even the cutlery - Every element in Black & White has been meticulously designed and carefully planned. After travelling the world, a wealth of knowledge and inspiration has been collected. Working with designers who share the same passion for design, colour and texture, we have created something new and exciting, pushing the boundaries of the hotel industry.

Keep your eyes open and
your senses ready
In A bespoke
sensory experience

What’s on the outside?

  • Located 4km from Melbourne CBD
  • Close to rich authentic café culture and amazing hideaways
  • Racecourse and city views
  • An abundance of natural light, sophisticated interiors and quality finishes
  • Access to building facilities - pool, gym, BBQ, roof terrace

What’s on the inside?

  • A luxury, handcrafted journey
  • Bespoke design throughout
  • All linen is designer made (no typical white hotel sheets)
  • A focus on local designers
  • A holistic approach (Ayurvedic essential oils)
  • A new and enviable experience
  • A colourful haven of creativity
  • Sensual textures and comfort

Handpicked, culture rich and inspired

Working with Australia textile designers such as Georgia Chapman and Italian furniture designer Imperial Line,
Black & White brings you a luxury hotel experience like no other.

A carefully designed explosion of colour and culture

Decadent silk rugs, designer headboards, shimmering textiles...

Black & White is a world away from the white sheets, white walls and white cushions of the hotel industry. Treat yourself to a sensory experience that will enliven and energise you from within. A sanctuary to unleash your inner creative spirit. An exciting collaboration of exclusive designers and manufacturers, creating a new hotel space never before achieved. All yours to experience.

Have your most inspired sleep yet

5 studios,
51 one bedrooms,
+ 9 two bedroom apartments
the perfect Flemington location

Offering city and racecourse views.
Black & White hotel offers the perfect North Melbourne location to impress all guests, from corporate executives, inspired adventurers to special events and conference delegates.

Directly adjacent to world renowned Flemington racecourse

Ready to escape the mundane?You're invited.

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